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A 21 Day Immersion To Become The Successful Woman Who Sells Her Arse Off, Unapologetically and GETS RESULTS! | taught by Carly Dawson
Carly Dawson
Carly Dawson
Success Mindset Mentor

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Dear Goddess,

Are You Ready To End Your Sales Drought Once And For All & Finally Kickstart The Mega Money Momentum In Your Business?!  💰💃👑

Let’s be honest gorgeous, you are just SO OVER your own BS.

Am I right?

You are actually DONE with your resistance, with your lack of clarity, with dragging your feet and procrastinating with your business and LIFE PURPOSE.

You know you should be showing up and SELLING the amazing, life-changing work, but you’re not… and as each day passes you’re falling deeper into a slump, beating yourself up and feeling like you’re failing. 

Anxiety and panic are a common cycle as you desperately claw at some feeling of motivation or inspiration to SELL your work online. Yet, another day passes and somehow you’ve STILL avoided the one thing that you KNOW you need to do. 

Sell your arse off, unapologetically.

I know that you’re scared.

Scared that no one will buy, that you’ll look like a fool, that you’ll flake out on yourself, that people will know that it’s not working.

You are also DONE feeling like your business is stagnating or worse, regressing.

You are so in your head, overthinking and over planning that months are passing by and STILL you haven’t launched your program or even whispered the fact that you have something for sale!!

Gorgeous, I don’t mean to state the obvious, but if you’re running a business, you kinda HAVE to sell. 

It’s the life line, the blood line, the HEARTBEAT of your business.

Now listen, I’m not here to make you feel worse or to shame you. I want you to understand something very important.


There’s a very real reason why you’re avoiding selling your work like the plague.

I used to do it too and feel terrible, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to consistently or confidently promote my work. 

The truth of the matter is that somewhere within you, you still hold shame around selling your work.

“SELLING” = SLIME, SLEAZE, SCAMMING, GREED and SO not in line with the heart centred classy, spiritual woman that YOU see yourself to be.

Or maybe if you dig a layer deeper, somewhere within you still feel insecure about being paid for your expertise? 

Are you really good enough? 

Can you REALLY help your clients get results??


The problem is NOT you, it’s NOT your work and there is NO reason to continue beating yourself up for not “doing” or “being” a better entrepreneur.

(So next time your partner or family member asks if you’ve sold anything yet.. tell them to take a hike!!)

You are fucking PHENOMENAL.


and you damn well know it.

The problem is that you don’t want to look like a pushy, manipulative, sleazy sales woman, squeezing the poor people for every penny they have. LOL

What you need gorgeous woman is a SELLING REFRAME.


Only THEN can you truly unleash the power of your work, impact the lives you’re here to impact and MAKE THE CASH MONEY you’re here to make!!

You just can’t do it fighting against the paradigm telling you that you’re a terrible person for selling your work.

You see?

Now, because I know you so well, I know there’s some other reasons you’re not selling.

1. ❓ You’re unsure of your program, whether it’s juicy/irresistible enough.

2. ❓You don’t have a clear concept/marketing plan that feels exciting and inspiring to implement.

3. ❓You’re generally feeling unsure, unclear and shaky about how to gracefully sell your work in a way that makes sense to your people and feels good to you.

4. ❓You’re still building your tribe and not sure where to promote or WHO to sell to.

But fear not, I’m here to lift you OUT of this cloudy, anxious, brain fog around your business and into…



If you’re serious about finally kick starting the flow of clients, cash and momentum in your business, I encourage to join this program without hesitation.

I am not new to this game, I have launched dozens of online programs for the past 7 years.. many of which was an anxiety inducing, triggering experience that confirmed my internal feelings of failing and not being good enough to be seen, heard or receive money for my work.

It wasn’t until I joined an intensive Bob Proctor training program and worked with one of his top inner circle coaches that I realised it was my internal programming around selling and making money that was sabotaging each of my launches and kept me spinning in the cycle of peek-a-boo marketing, lack of clarity and changing my niche every time I “failed” at a launch.

I saw myself as a failure therefore I couldn’t create anything other than experiences to confirm that belief in my reality.

I can bet that if you are experiencing something similar around your business results then you are desperately in need of a  SELLING SELF IMAGE MAKE OVER.

Seriously gorgeous, you can try every strategy in the book, you have probably already joined several courses teaching you how to “launch online” how to make “six figures with the magic strategy” but yet.. it still hasn’t happened for you.

It’s so frustrating!! 

Different strategy is NOT the answer. 

You have the knowledge, skills, strategy and capability within you right now to double your income month after month...

...but you WON’T DO IT until you SEE YOURSELF as the woman who is already living that reality and selling with ease, fun, flow, joy and pleasure from the feeling of your wishes fulfilled. 

Which is EXACTLY what I’ll be helping you achieve within this 21 Day Immersion!

If you are serious about having a successful business, experiencing more fun, play, pleasure, money and joy in your life then I encourage you to sign up for this program NOW.

It’ll be the turning point of your business and the best decision you make all year.

What I’m teaching you within this program is the exact processes and change of thinking that has radically transformed my life. Not just in business and income but my dating & sex life, my health and body confidence, my fashion sense, self esteem and INNER CONFIDENCE to achieve whatever I put my mind to.

Now I’m sharing it all with you.

This transformation is worth it's weight in gold!! 💰

Here’s how this works:

You'll receive 21 Audio Lessons & Exercises, released DAILY ... DESIGNED TO TRANSFORM YOU INTO AN UNAPOLOGETIC, UNSTOPPABLE SEXY SALES SIREN!! ($3000 value)

We’ll be covering:

-🔥 How to unleash your true hearts message that compels your people to buy now!

-🔥 How to show up daily with ease, fun and flow to promote your work.

- 🔥How to get out of your head to launch from the heart.

- 🔥How to feel more self expressed in your business to attract your soul community and tribe!

- 🔥How to sell on livestream effortlessly.

-🔥 How to create compelling, emotive calls to action that inspire results.

-🔥 How to feel so excited and on FIRE to sell your work and serve your soul clients.

- 🔥How to price your programs in a way that feels RIGHT and values your work!

- 🔥The art of surpassing your launch goals!

-🔥 How to CREATE from the END RESULT!

-🔥 Unblocking your business flow and allowing yourself to RECEIVE money for your work.

- 🔥How to make selling feel EASY, FUN and EFFORTLESS.

and much more!!

-💎 Immersive FB GROUP community and support from me. ($997)

- 💗 WITH Pop up Q&A's within the FB group! Live laser coaching and feedback! 


- ⚡️ BONUS - 7 FIGURE SELF IMAGE TRAINING ($497 value) 💰💃




Your Investment: $497 

or 3 monthly payments of $167!!

Doors Close On 4th March so jump in before then to get started with all the amazing bonuses!!

"Oh My F*#&ing Goddess!

Talk about Fire crackers!

Working with Carly has really delved into the recesses to re-ignite my passions and bring forth the true essence and fire of my being and work. I got so clear on where I was being daft and just tripping myself up, and even more clear on what it was I could and wanted to do.

The flow and quality of creativity since our call is just incredible; Potent imaging, visioning and projection has my copy writing itself and things just 'happening' before my eyes.

Feeling SO So inspired and uplifted.

Carly sees deeply who and what you are and how you can brilliantly offer that to the world - and then helps you find how to make that offering possible !

Thank you darling!!!

Thank you for seeing me and valuing me, inspiring me and believing in me.

I'm not even really sure what the best use of descriptive words could be around what Carly does... i just keep seeing fireworks so lets go with that.... my soul is exploding with fireworks (that never run out!!)

much love.

P.S to any woman in business wondering if you should invest with Carly.... wonder no more - open the door. I promise you wont regret it!"

 - Rai O'Brien, Femme Soul Midwife.

" Carly is a deliciously fun coach who really does help you see through the mess to the core for totally clarity. I have worked with many coaches, investing upwards of $30k, yet from my first session with Carly she NAILED everything I have been struggling to combine in my coaching business for the last 3 years. Not only has she shone a very bright big beautiful light onto my situation, she provided steps to move forward confidently. Before working with Carly I was feeling heavy, since out work together I am free to be even more myself. I am still reminded of her authority in our time together and it provides me with direction and clarity when she’s not around. Do not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to work with this beautiful light of a coach and woman."

-  Hayley Henderson, Communication, Energy Healer & Branding Goddess.

Ready for UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS in your business, gorgeous?

Join NOW!

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